Meeting by the stables

Anyone who knows Catlin, knows her infinite love for horses. She has been riding them ever since she was a child, that is almost every other day for the past few decades. That is why I wasn’t too surprised when she suggested that we take a few photos of her together with her dark brown companion in the fields by the stables.

I must admit it was not too easy taking photos of this duo. The majestic horse kept staring at me rather dubiously, annoyed with the flying insects as well as the reflecting light that our helpful assistant was trying to project on the model’s face. Followed by some moments of patience, the imposing creature made a point of showing that she had had enough and started to make her way to the meadow.

With some rather impressive moves the little blond girl managed to convince her giant four-legged friend to stay and we continued. I was hoping that the clouds would take over the sky to avoid the stark contrasts of the afternoon light but instead of staying put, the sun kept creeping out from behind the grey curtains, ignoring my plans for most of the time.

But then again, who could blame the sun – perhaps it was only nature’s way of reflecting the vibrations of happiness that our protagonist was feeling on that particular day 🙂


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  1. tubli! no. 16 is my favorite. with every shooting you will get closer to your goal: NG is waiting for you;-)

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