That mellow evening light

What better way to pass time on a hot summer eve than to spend an hour or two outside by the sea, enjoying the last of the day’s soft yellow sunlight? It might just be one of the best times to go shoot some photos. And it certainly is one of my favourite times.

It was almost 19 already but the thermometer in the car was still indicating 30 degrees, which is extraordinarily hot for Estonia. My model Elina and I drove away from the city, looking for an inspiring setting. We ended up in the vicinity of a cliff close to Tallinn that seems to attract people for a view and a little romance.

We went for some simple beauty shots with that mellow evening light. Since Elina is all about colours, I couldn’t imagine to have the setting and her clothes any less colourful. The green of the forest in the background and the playful glimmer of the sea accompanied by the mild wind blowing in randomly seemed to add on to that concept.

Apart from the heat and the merciless mosquitos, it was all fun. This is a selection of what we got. I must say I am deeply amazed by the leap in quality that my new camera Nikon D800 allows and can only hope that my skills keep improving to be fully worthy of the upgrade.

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  1. just beautiful – it seems like you & Elina had a wonderful&exciting afternoon together…6,24,25 are my favorites…niki & you seem to be the perfect team…good luck with the next shooting;-)

    ps: ‘There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. 😉 ‘

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